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Thurs. Dec. 15th, 2016  -  7:30PM
Davidson High School Auditorium
All tickets $10.00 at the door
(No advance tickets available)

All your holiday favorites plus several tunes from the Great American Songbook.
Songs span several decades, crossing nearly every genre!

Special guest artists:
Louis Daniel & Mike Lyle. 

Plus the annual presentation of the

'Award of Excellence!'

Doug will be signing copies of his most recent CD, "Sentimental Favorites," after the show. 

(Doors will open at 7PM)

December's "Q&A with Doug"

Will there be a new album anytime soon?
DB:  "I've been working on an album of pop classics from the '50 and '60s for a while now and it's a long process. I am hoping for a late 2017 release.

Is Doug auditioning for any upcoming plays or musicals?
DB:  "Not at this time."

What is the price of Doug's CD's?
DB:  "They are typically $15. each plus shipping, but they will be offered at just $10. each at the upcoming holiday show!"

Does Doug play any instruments and/or have any particular favorites?
DB:  "I began playing the piano by ear at the age of about 12, just came naturally to me. I began playing snippets of things I'd hear on the radio and around the house. My parents invested in lessons for me the following year--classical--and because I had not heard this music much up to that point, I had to actually read music for the first time. This was frustrating for both student and teacher as I would hear him play it and just copy him. I ultimately switched to a more patient teacher, Irene Golin, who lived across town from our home in New England. It has remained my instrument of choice. My current piano is a 1999 Kawai digital baby grand which I bought in Franklin, Tennessee when I lived in Nashville that same year. I very much enjoy the experience of playing and singing for guests when they visit my home. But when it comes to public performances, I was urged out from behind the piano many years ago. Although it frightened me beyond words the first few times, I ultimately was hooked on singing out front where I could hopefully engage and interact more with my audience. I think it has paid off. 

"As for other instruments: the drums have always fascinated me. I've been told often that I have "good time" but I just never took them up. I doubt very seriously that I could have ever learned to play them and sing at the same time. Very few people can do it well. Although Don Henley, Phil Collins and Karen Carpenter come to mind. Of course my drummer, David White, can do this too--he just amazes me. I also love the sound of the French horn, a muted trumpet and alto sax." 

Doug often talks about his family in his shows. Did they all sing together as children?
DB: "Pretty much. After most of our suppers at home my dad, George, would get out the guitar and play all the old country classics by Tammy Wynette, Ernest Tubb, Loretta Lynn, George Jones and the like. My sisters would sing along while clearing the table and doing the dishes. This shared experience spilled over into the rest of us kids. Most of us sang together as a family at area civic events and senior gatherings. It wasn't long before many of the older kids learned guitar, drums and other instruments. We were a bit like the Osmond family.  Most everyone is musical.  Making music was pretty much something that we always agreed on and could do together."

More Q&A in January!

"MY WAY: A Musical Tribute to Sinatra" last year. Doug and friends Kathleen Hewitt, Melissa Laster and Chuck Stevens enjoyed enthusiastic audiences, and praise, during the two week run. Several of you have asked if this will be reprised. Sorry to say, there are no plans for this in the near future.

Keep checking back for itinerary updates!

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